I'm going to be on a 8-month journey around the world including Hawaii, Thailand, Philippines and Korea - mostly doing mission trips. I'll be updating my blog journal and photos there for the length of my journey, so come visit now and then to see what I'm upto! :)
     I was eating chocolate cookies the other day, and realized that I do this out of habit - I put a small cup of water along with the cookies when I microwave them. 

     I do this since I only eat store-bought cookies, and I only like them when they're soft and the chocolate melts in your mouth (I don't like it when my chocolate cookies are stale and hard, but it might be just me!)  If you're lazy, just drizzle a bit of water over the cookies directly (too much and they'll get soggy, think... almost a teaspoon of water per cookie)

     This doesn't apply only to chocolate cookies - you can use this trick to bring back other food 'to life' when you're microwaving them or putting them in the oven! Like baked goods (bread, pastry, etc), rice (if you had it in the fridge), steamed vegetables, etc. 

I've decided to create a separate website for art commissions - I thought adding all that onto this website would be too much! (simplicity wins, no?) I didn't want this website to be too 'heavy', and having it as a DA journal didn't really do it for me. Please go check it out! :D
And on another note, I've made my first... dress up game!!! yay! I'll post the original flash file here under 'Solstice projects' later, but you can definitely go check it out on my DeviantArt:
I've officially finished third year, and now it's time to get back to blogging and other hobbies! I'll be catching up on commissions, so I'll be updating my art blog the most this week - I'm also going to try to release two parts of the doujinshi per week, so keep your eyes peeled on those as well :D  (And finally start my webtoon series too <3)

I thought that this tip was worth sharing since it's proved very useful in helping me meet my friends, attend meetings and catch the bus on time (along with many other situations)

Life Hack #1:

Very simply, I just turned the clocks in my living room and kitchen forward by about 7 minutes - it seems like it's a very small thing, but it really works its wonders! It makes a huge difference when you're getting ready to go out, and you're not as late as you thought.

One thing though, make sure that you don't turn the minute hand forward by more than 10 minutes, because you'll most likely lose the illusion and think, "oh I have 10 more minutes than it looks like because I pushed it forward by that much".  Since the point of this is to trick yourself into thinking that you don't have time, you have to make it more 'invisible'.

I hope that it works for others as well!! :)




In the last three weeks of third year, almost there!! Although I can taste summer vacation already, I still have to get through the exams and final assignments/essays - I apologize that I won't be able to blog as frequently, or if I miss scanlation dates - but I will still continue the doujinshi on schedule! :)

I've forgotten about last week's scanlation pages amidst the chaos, but they're uploaded now (as well as this week's so that I don't forget again!) and if you haven't noticed, I've added an 'art blog' that has recent WIP's which you can check out if you're interested in how I sketch/lineart/colour on SAI/Photoshop ^^

Aaaand, random song that I like <3
Can you find two different animals for each picture?




Random picture of a water lily I took with a flip-phone 5+ years ago :) I love how they smell bittersweet ^^
Found a gem, wanted to share with the ladies out there ;D